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Wordpress Domain Change

WordPress reacts interestingly to domain changes and will try to "help you" by sending you to the previous official domain (even if you no longer want to use it).
There are different ways to handle this, some more involved than others.
The combination of settings, themes, plugins, content and customizations will determine the best method. It is not possible to recommend in advance.Note: Migrating from your to, then from to are two domain name migrations.

Method 1:

Allocate a second set of servers and use migration tool to smooth out any domain changes in the database, plugins, and themes
Example: Migrate from to
This is a reasonable strategy if you already are familiar with migrations and want to do it again
For example, if you already migrated from ->
And now you simply want to do it again from ->
If both and the new are both on StackOS, be sure to have enough resources to run both sets of pods at the same time.
For guidance, check this link: StackOS Wordpress Migration Guidance
Then search for: "Trying to migrate an existing test/production site?"

Method 2:

Try to see if a domain name change only will be sufficient (may require additional database edits after)
Try to see if overriding the domain in the config is enough to stop the wordpress redirect. This will depend on all your plugsins/themes/database data cooperating which varies case by case.
To be clear, this is not a StackOS issue. You would encounter this issue if you were switching domains on a traditional server.
webtty and exec a shell into your wordpress pod
Then set the following overrides in wp-config.php by doing the following: You will need to install an editor
apt update
apt install -y nano vim
Use the editor you know (nano if you don't know)
nano wp-config.php
Search for this line:
/* Add any custom values between this line and the "stop editing" line. */
// Define wp home and site url
Save your edits (Control+X in nano). Test your site again.
If some things work and other things don't, then you'll need to either consider
  • Method 1 - Migration as above
  • Checking each plugin/theme/content piece to determine which item is "stuck/hardcoded" for the previous domain