Reset StackOS Account

This is how to reset your StackOS Account on the deployment environment

In a situation where an account is:

  • Not fully configured

  • In need of an infrastructure upgrade

You may also face this situation if your pod/container boots and functions perfectly "internally" when you "kubectl exec app-0xAddr -- bash" , but does not respond to external connections. This usually affects accounts that have been established "long ago" before a major security upgrade. An account reset will help re-provision your resources under a new security environment.

The next step is to either move to a new Metamask account, or "reset" the account.

In the case of resetting the account, the procedure is:

  • Withdraw the $STACK

  • Reset the account

  • Redeposit the $STACK

Below are screenshots that show the process:

Your account reset is complete. You may re-deposit to set up your account again.

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