Account Funding - Wordpress

Fund your StackOS account to deploy.

1. Login to StackOS, Fund Account 2. Go to and login with Metamask

  • BSC MainNet

  • Choose Cluster:

    • Dev/Test: Titan or Matrix Cluster

    • Production: Authority for high uptime deploys

3. Go to the upgrade tab:

4. Type in the following information

As a note, we can assign the resources as follows:

CPU: 2000 for wordpress, 1000 for db, 100 for webtty

RAM: 2048 for wordpress, 1024 for db, 100 for webtty

Disk: 10-30 GB for the db (wordpress is named wp, db is named wpdb, webtty is automatically created later)

Note: During testing, basic pages load with less RAM/CPU, but we noticed many theme/plugin malfunctions when CPU/RAM was undersized. We recommend starting "oversized" and then reducing your specification later after all functions are confirmed to operate properly.

You may choose to reserve fewer resources, but we have run into many migration issues with lower resources and some of the newer themes which have a surprising amount of data/images included. You will be given a quote for the number of $STACK tokens you need to deposit.

5. Buy some $STACK tokens from Pancake Swap and deposit that amount into StackOS

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