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Account Funding - General

Fund your StackOS account to deploy.
1. Login to StackOS, Fund Account 2. Go to and login with Metamask
  • BSC MainNet
  • Choose Cluster:
    • Dev/Test: Titan or Matrix Cluster
    • Production: Authority for high uptime deploys
3. Go to the upgrade tab:
4. Type in the following information
As a note, we can assign the resources as follows:
CPU: 2000 for webserver, 1000 for db, 100 for webtty
RAM: 2048 for webserver, 1024 for db, 100 for webtty
Disk: 10-30 GB for the db
We recommend starting "oversized" and then reducing your specification later AFTER all functions are confirmed to operate properly.
You will be given a quote for the number of $STACK tokens you need to deposit.
5. Buy some $STACK tokens from Pancake Swap and deposit that amount into StackOS 6. Click the Deposit or Upgrade button to fund your StackOS account