WebDAV on StackOS

You can deploy a WebDAV Server on StackOS which will enable you to upload documents, and allow others to download those documents.

This is useful for:

  • File Sharing

  • Publishing Simple Sites

  • Posting Public Avatar Images

The WebDAV App in the StackOS AppStore is targeted at this simple use case.

All content will be Public Readable

Your personal user/password will enable File Uploads/Deletes

The default Username is "alice"

The default Password is "secret1234"

To Upload Content see "WebDAV Client Setup" below for connection information.

Environment Setup

The main environment variable is "dav"

Where the default is:

dav = "/data,/root/data,alice,secret1234,false"

You can customize the Environment Variables before you deploy.

  • /data is the publicly accessible path under which your data will be stored

  • /root/data is the location of your Data Persistence volume

  • alice is the username allowed to upload

  • secret1234 is the password for alice

  • false means the server is NOT read only

Data Persistence

The Data Persistence is set as /root/data

If you Change that, make sure the "dav" variable matches

WebDAV Clients

There are a number of WebDAV clients.

Find more at:

WebDAV Client Setup

Host: https://webdav-0xYOURETHADDRESS-cluster.stackos.io

Path: /data (or whatever you decide to change it to)

Username: alice (or whatever you choose)

Password: secret1234 (or whatever you choose)

Once your connect to the server, you can drag and drop files into the server.

Once data is uploaded, you can access it without a password in the public path:


Additional Info

The Docker image is: stackos/stackos-file-uploader:0.1

You can find the base image for this App at https://hub.docker.com/r/stackos/stackos-file-uploader

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