Presearch on StackOS

Presearch app deployment from the StackOS AppStore.

Locate the most recent tag

Go to:

And copy the most recent "version numbered" tag. Have this on hand for the pod configuration:

We assume you already have your PreSearch API Key and account set up.

If you need more details on that reference this:

Go to your dashboard:

And have your PreSearch Node Registration Code ready:

✅ Fund your StackOS Account:

✅ Go to the AppStore

✅ Launch your PreSearch Node

✅ Configure your PreSearch Node

Update the Image Name to have the latest tag:

For example: "presearch/node:1.0.1"

Configure your environment with the Node Registration Code:

REGISTRATION_CODE = 123123123123123

✅ Verify Operation

Check and verifiy your node appears

Look for green connection icon

✅ Troubleshooting

If your node is not starting properly for some reason, consider opening a WebTTY and checking the logs:

pageCreate WebTTY

✅ Get the name of the presearch-0x... pod

kubectl get pods

✅ Show the logs for the pod

kubectl logs -f presearch-0xYOURETHADDRESS-RANDOM

✅ Expect to see something like this

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