Introductory FAQs

General questions about the deployment process on StackOS.

What is a Docker Image?

A Docker Image is like a game cartridge for servers. When you "insert the cartridge" into a game system, you know the system will run the exact software you have prepared.

Why Do Admins Prefer Docker?

The "Docker Style" style of running systems is rapidly being adopted because a tested system does not change across deploys.

Previous methods of setting up a system from scratch often introduced "setup variance" which caused the same software to run differently, leading to higher debugging costs.

I don't know Docker, can you help?

Yes, StackOS is happy to help your project onboard to Docker and StackOS. Please reach out to us on telegram.

What is the StackOS App Store?

Apps in the StackOS AppStore are "quick launch" docker containers that allow users to run software with less configuration.

These address common needs.

I don't see X in the App Store, can it run?

Probably. StackOS can run any docker image, so if you see it on you can probably run it on StackOS

How about custom docker images?

Yes, simply place your image on and it will be available to run.

Why do I want StackOS to handle Kubernetes?

Typical startups avoid Kubernetes because 1) it is a layer of complexity they may not fully understand and 2) is not the core deliverable to the end-user.

Furthermore, for smaller startups, once their sys-admins learn Kubernetes, they often depart for higher paying jobs in other companies.

As a result, Docker infrastructure can often be left "brittle" and without failover, and in the worst cases without an admin until a suitable skilled replacement can be found.

With StackOS, running on a reliable Kubernetes platform is no harder than running basic Docker images.

How can I talk to someone real?

Join our Discord and ask your questions in the #dev-support channel.

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