Financial FAQs

Questions about the financials related to deployment on StackOS.

How much does StackOS Cost?

Log in to and go to the Upgrade Tab (3rd tab)

Type in the amount of CPU, RAM, Disk and Bandwidth you wish to use to get a quote.

Compared to other service providers you will find savings in the following ways:

  • You can buy partial CPUs

  • When we give you 1 CPU, we really give you 1 CPU (and don't steal back any cycles)

  • We handle the Kubernetes admin for you for free

  • We handle the failover for you for free

Is there any risk of cost fluctuation

Ultimately compute has real costs, and they are typically reflected in USD.

Today, payment to StackOS is in $STACK, but other options are also in the plans.

If you need to eliminate the market volatility of $STACK, keep your funds in a StableCoin such as BUSD and convert to $STACK just prior to payment. This will give you predictable cost with low volatility

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