Add $STACK to MetaMask

Steps to add STACK token name to your MetaMask wallet.

Normally, MetaMask displays ERC20 standard tokens you own on your wallet page.

To see your tokens, click on the Assets tab. Your tokens should be listed under this tab.

$STACK won’t be listed automatically, so you have to add it manually through the CoinMarketCap page.

👉Go to or on the browser you usually use with the MetaMask wallet extension.

👉Access your MetaMask wallet, switch to the Binance Smart Chain network, and click on the MetaMask icon in the contract section as shown below.

👉Click on the THREE dots as below and the BSC contract will show up and then click on the Metamask symbol.

👉The MetaMask window will open at the top-right-end corner showing the StackOS $STACK Token.

👉Click on “Add Token”.

And that's it!

You have just added StackOS Token ($STACK) to your MetaMask wallet and you will be able to check your $STACK balance.

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