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Wordpress on StackOS

A few tips for a smoother starting experience for WordPress Application

Super Important!

Change the database image from maridb:10.4 to mariadb:10.8 for a more consistent database booting experience.
We have seen some cases where mariadb:10.4 fails to fully setup/boot and "looks like it is running" but all incoming connections fail

✅ Fund your Account

✅ Launching on the App Store

Go to the App Store
Select WordPress

✅ Set DB Username and Password

✅ Alter Wordpress Settings (rare)

Typically no changes, but be aware changes are possible

✅ Alter Database Settings for Ease of Use

We have seen instances where "mariadb:10.4" fails to fully initialize and will not accept connections.
1) Change to "mariadb:10.8"
2) Set the root password to something you know so that you have more options later
3) Adjust the size of your mysqldb if you know you will upload more than "just a little data" (for example, at least 5GB)
Here is an example environment
MYSQL_USER = useruser
MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD = rootroot <- notice this line is different

✅ Launch the WordPress app

✅ Additional Items to Consider

If you need to get data in/out of your database remotely
There are quite a few items here that are helpful