Launching a Wordpress app on StackOS

This is a guide on how you can deploy WordPress Applications on StackOS.

Steps to deploy a WordPress Application on StackOS

1. Go to

2. Connect with Metamask

Select the Smart Chain, if you don’t have the Smart Chain follow this simple guide:

3. Buy $STACK and $BNB

You need Stack tokens and BNB in your Metamask wallet on the Smart Chain. These can be bought on Pancakeswap.


4. To launch an application, you need compute resources; these can be bought under the ‘Upgrade’ tab.

5. Buy the number of resources you need. For the Wordpress application in our App Store, you need 1100 CPU, 1100 MB memory, 5GB disk space, and 100GB bandwidth. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button, a Metamask window should pop up, asking for permission to spend the tokens, click on the ‘Confirm’ button. After that, another Metamask window will appear, asking permission for the actual payment. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button again.

6. You will get a pop-up confirming the upgrade of your resources; congratulations! Now click on ‘App Store’ at the top of the page. When the dashboard is loaded, click on ‘Wordpress.’ A window appears where you can type the name of your application, the Host URL where people can find the application, and if you want, a specific database username and password. If you need more than the standard compute resources for your app you can switch to the advanced tab and increase the CPU and RAM. When you filled in this information, click the ‘Deploy App’ button. Step 7 is relevant if you want to add your own URL.

7. This step is only important when you want to use your own domain name. Type in the Host URL you want to use. Then click on ‘Verify’. If it can not automatically be verified, you have to change some settings at your DNS provider:

8. Congratulations! Your application is now deployed on the decentralized cloud of StackOS! The application will appear on your dashboard to keep an eye on the activity and change settings when necessary.

9. To enter the back-end of your Wordpress application type in the URL and add /wp-admin to it.

For example: From here you start the set-up process of your website.

✅ For More Information

Wordpress has many details that are not obvious to those who are "moving" from a pre-built site to another provider (which includes StackOS).

We have documented some commonly helpful knowledge which may help your migration to any other host, with some tips especially for StackOS.

This effort was made due to many admins having experience setting up WordPress, but not having the opportunity to "migrate" installations.

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