Map a container port

How to get an HTTP RPC port out to the world

If you are running a docker image that publishes an HTTP RPC on a port OTHER than port 80, you need to tell StackOS about the alternate port.

The best way to learn about this is though practice, so we created an example for you to quickly try.

✅ Deploy a port 8090 server

We have created the following image "nyanit/http:v1.8090" which runs an http server that says "hello"

You can deploy it on StackOS using the following configuration

After deployment, a window should pop up and tell you the URL you can access your new website. It will be something like

✅ All done!

You have successfully remapped an HTTP server on port 8090 to port 80 and StackOS automatically made it available via HTTPS for you!

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