Custom App Deployment

A quick guide to deploy your custom docker application on StackOS

To deploy an app on the StackOS Decentralized Cloud, you will need to have some $STACK and $MATIC tokens in your wallet.

Once you have the tokens, head to to start deploying your app.

Step 1:

Select the "Polygon" network to deploy and select the cluster you want to deploy on (Titan, Authority and Matrix) and click "Login with Metamask".

A Metamask pop-up appears. Click on "Sign Transaction"

Step 2:

Once you are in the app, you will need to purchase some compute resources to deploy your application.

To do that, click on "Upgrade" in the menu at the top.

Assign the required compute resources. Once done, this will display the amount of $STACK tokens you need to pay to get those resources.

A Metamask window pops up and you need to now confirm the transaction.

Step 3:

Head back to the dashboard by clicking on "Dashboard" from the top menu. Now, click on "Create New Application"

In the deployment pop-up window, fill in the required app details:

  1. Application Name- Name of your application or any name you want to use for reference.

  2. Image Name- Name of your docker image (Eg: alethio/ethereum-lite-explorer)

  3. Protocol- TCP

  4. Container Port 1- 80

  5. Service Access Port 1- 80

  6. Environment- App Environment (Eg: APP_NODE_URL="http://localhost:8545")

Now click "Continue" at the bottom.

Step 4:

Fill in the compute resources needed for your application in the pop-up window that appears.

  1. CPU Allocation (in Millicores)

  2. Memory Allocation (in MB)

  3. Replica Count- Number of replicas to be created of your application.

  4. Data Persistence- When a pod goes down, your data will persist until it gets replaced with a new pod. StackOS is the only DeCloud that provides this valuable feature.

Click on "Continue".

It will display the "Whitelisted addresses" window. Here you can add the address that you want to whitelist.

If you want it to be displayed to everyone then let the default setting of "" remain.

Finally, click on "Create Application"

Your application will be deployed within just a few minutes and will give you the External DNS, through which you can access your app.

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