WebTTY, Logs, Shell Access

✅ Prepare your WebTTY

pageCreate WebTTY

✅ List your Pods

Use command kubectl get pods to see the list of all pods.

✅ Exec a shell (ssh-like access)

To execute the shell, use command kubectl exec -ti appname-0xADDRESS-random -- bash

Your WebTTY will now switch to a command line for your pod.

✅ Get the logs

kubectl logs -f appname-0xADDRESS-random

Quickly Check HTTP

curl appname-0xADDRESS

This is really helpful for checking function internally before trying to debug external access

✅ Working with ReplicaSets

ReplicaSets "manage" the pods/containers that you ultimately interact with.

Sometimes after changing configurations on the WebUI, you may have an old replica set that does not automatically go away. It could be waiting on a shutdown or some other resource.

You can list replica sets, look for the oldest one matching the application you are managing and delete the old ReplicaSet

kubectl get rs

Locate the "rs" you wish to delete

kubectl delete rs rsname-0xADDRESS-random

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